About Us

We are CHI-CHI’S®, born as a Mexican restaurant just south of the border. Of Canada. Proud Home of the Chimichanga. Of course, “Chimichanga” means “thingamajig” in Spanish and is from Arizona. But so what. It was good. And that’s all that mattered to los chi-chieros, our fans. They came for the salsa and the happiest of happy hours.

Today, the famous CHI-CHI’S® Restaurants are gone, but the flavor and festive feeling lives on in your store with our CHI-CHI’S® Mexican Foods. Bring home our delicious sauces, tortillas and our legendary salsa.

After all, what’s authentic about our food is how good it is. So go ahead, amigo friends. Make the Mexican food you love the way you love it tonight at home.